A Great Day after all…

I have to admit that I don’t check Goodreads as often as I should, especially now that the mighty Zon has changed it’s review policies. We cannot rely on seeing our hard won reviews on Amazon anymore, more likely find them on good old Goodreads!

So, imagine my surprise when I found this new review for Out of Time from Diana Peach…

Goodreads Reviews: Out of Time

Aug 15, 2021 D. Peach rated it really liked it

In this thriller, Kate Devereau wakes up in the hospital without any memory of the violence she’s endured. Nor does she remember any of the people in her life, including a past lover Michael who wants a second chance, or her ex-husband Jack, a sociopathic killer trying to do her in. David Snow is the detective tasked with her case. All four of these characters share alternating points of view in the story.

Kate’s character was the most interesting to me as she’s the one most in the dark. As the reader, I knew more about what happened than she did, but there were many tidbits of information I learned along with her. The author makes no secret that Jack Holland is the murderer and intends to finish the job he started. Jack is completely evil, but the other characters are nuanced and easy to relate to.

The pace moves along well, the tension is good, and I finished this book in two sittings. There aren’t many twists and turns; instead, the return of Kate’s memory provides a counterpoint to John’s increasing menace and David’s attempts to learn the truth. Recommended to readers of thrillers who enjoy a fast-paced story.

As you can imagine, this lovely review completely made my day, and I cannot thank Diana enough!

14 thoughts on “A Great Day after all…

  1. My pleasure Jaye Marie. What a fun read. I’ll be sharing the review on my blog at the end of the month with my round up. I’m looking forward to reading more of your David Snow’s thrillers. Well done!


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