Jaye’s Week… Signs of improvement all round!

This week has shown definite improvements in Anita’s wellbeing. At first, the signs were so small, we feared she would never get any better, but gradually, almost inch by inch, she is getting back to her usual self!

There is an air of normality beginning to creep into the office, too, and this is more than welcome, I can tell you. The new pc gave in and behaved itself; writing hasn’t commenced yet, but there has been much thought, and I have begun to work on some some overdue projects.

Last week was a nightmare, and hopefully won’t be repeated in a hurry.

Coping with Anita’s sudden hospitalisation was probably not the best time to instal a new pc, but I had nothing else to do but worry, and I mistakenly thought it would keep me busy.

It certainly did that, and if all of this seems a little familiar, it’s because this was the second time in two weeks that I have had to do this. The pc company agreed to replace the faulty one, so all my work installing it was for nothing!

I can tell you that trying to cope with the worst case of worrying, added to Windows 10 and Microsoft’s vagaries, didn’t work well for me. I was a wreck by the end of the week…

This week, however, is shaping up to be something I recognise.

The bonsai are on the move, tiny buds appear every day, and most of our bird visitors are gathering nesting material.

I was beginning to doubt I would find any normality, but suddenly, everything seems to be sprouting – just like my bonsai…

26 thoughts on “Jaye’s Week… Signs of improvement all round!

  1. This is wonderful news! I hope Anita returns to normal in quick order and that your pc woes have sorted themselves as well. I love your bonsai. I need to give serious consideration to adding a few to my garden. 💕💗💕

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