Meet Guest Author, Barbara Spencer…

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Meet Guest Author, Barbara Spencer…

Posted on by Chris The Story Reading Ape

However did I end up here?

That is a question I frequently ask myself. Was I destined to become an author? If so the gods in heaven weren’t on my side that day.

‘Oh, but being a writer… it’s so romantic,’ are the words I hear on all sides.  

That’s so far from the truth, the truth isn’t even in the same room. To begin writers need huge confidence, something they rarely possess; an ability to cope with criticism without flinching; patience, a capacity for hard work plus a delusionary nature which allows you to ignore the dust in the house by calling it ‘interesting’.

So how did I end up as a writer?

I blame my mother who introduced me to cricket when I was eighteen. Up until then, my life had been pretty ordinary. School which involved playing tennis and chess for the school team, and piano lessons at home … nothing that would actually set the world on fire. Cricket did that. I even remember the dress I wore; it was lime green.

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