5* Review for Phoenix Incandescent (Endeavor Series Book 1) by AEM #Epic Fantasy

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Fresh out of college, Charlotte is running the Wayfarer’s Inn, a castle in the middle of farmland that gives humans the chance to vacation amongst mermaids, centaurs, elves, and dwarves. The guests do not know that the magic is real, but Charlotte does. For now. She hasn’t developed powers like her father, so now she must either marry into the magical world or have her memory wiped and live on her own.What is a girl to do?Her parents throw her a last chance ball to find a suitable husband within the magical world, but the dancing is interrupted. Join Charlotte and many magical characters, old and new, as she ditches the ball gown, picks up the quarterstaff, and begins a journey that will expose the secrets her family has kept from her.
Secrets that could kill.


Our Review

This book is a veritable feast for the imagination. Visually stunning, with more magical characters and creatures than you could shake a stick at. All so real and interacting brilliantly together as if part of legend and not recently created. If this were a film, it would beat anything already made…

Charlotte’s father, Isaac, is descended from Wizards and teaches magical classes at the Wayfarer Inn, while her mother, Audrey who has no magic, runs the Inn, a place for humans to vacation with supposedly fake magical creatures.

Charlotte, unfortunately, has not inherited any magic powers.

But was this the truth?

By now, although I was expecting a mystery, the answers to my questions would have to wait. The author gives few clues, providing more questions than answers as this incredible story unfolds, building the tension to incredible heights.

Charlotte has reached the age where she must marry someone with magic or have her memory wiped clean and be exiled. A glittering Ball is planned in Charlotte’s honour but is ruined by the arrival of Philip. Someone who was a faun, half-human half goat, but has been magically transformed into a nasty but attractive piece of work, someone determined to ruin everything.

But who is Philip’s master, who does he obey?

Her friend Beau, an extremely handsome man/golden eagle, saves her from Philip’s dubious advances. In my opinion, this was the best scene in the book. Sensitively written, Beau rescues Charlotte and we discover more about Charlotte’s past and how much they mean to one another.

Such a clever and helpful idea to include a full cast list of characters and their capabilities…

This book will leave you wanting so much more of this intriguing story, and I cannot wait to read the next instalment!



About the Author

Child Wrangler by day, Word Wrangler by night. AEM resides in central Oklahoma with her husband and four children. She hangs up her apron in exchange for the laptop she “borrowed” from her husband. Her book notes have recipes for play dough and drawings by her children. Her husband brings her books rather than flowers. She wouldn’t have it any other way.





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