Lost Property/Word Office


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Lost Property Word Office


Words are funny things really and I had a funny thought about them the other day.

When we delete words or have them deleted by our magical computers, where do they go?

Is there a place, like a lost letter office, that files them away somewhere, ready to be used in their infuriating word swapping efforts?

This word swapping has just started happening on my screen and affects whatever I write. I usually notice it after I have posted a comment or replied to one. Too late to put it right so it looks as though I don’t know how to write. Pretty sure I didn’t instigate this either, although I think it might be something you can opt for? Not sure why you would, though.

Something else that has been happening for a while now and definitely shouldn’t in my opinion is this. Right in the middle of typing a sentence, the words stop appearing on my screen. In the beginning, I would wait patiently, hoping the missing words would turn up as they sometimes do, but lately, they don’t. Is someone or something stealing my words?

If I could touch type and keep my eyes on the screen, I would be able to notice the minute this happens, but unfortunately, I can’t so I am having to deal with yawning great holes in everything I write.

You would think after all these years, I could manage to touch type, wouldn’t you?

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15 thoughts on “Lost Property/Word Office

  1. I type pretty fast but I’m a look-at-the-keyboard typist too … great fun to be had when I accidentally hit the ‘caps lock’ and don’t notice for half a dozen paragraphs! 🙂

  2. I haven’t had that problem yet, but when I’m working on a manuscript there’s a big bucket of commas nearby. I’m always dumping deleted commas into it and occasionally fishing one out and sticking it into the text. 😀

  3. When that happens, there could be a program running in the background that kicks off. Happens to me all the time. Found out it’s my virus protection. It’s not fun 😞

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