Booby’s Debut: Aelph Edgewood creates a YouTube Video…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

This has been a real labour of love and friendship – and I feel very warmed, supported and encouraged as I write these words.

A while back, my lovely friend, Aelph Edgewood, filmed me reading three extracts from my humorously naughty book, ‘Come Laughing!’ Usually, I am very self-conscious about anything which involves cameras – but, because I trust Aelph implicitly – and know how talented she is – I was able to relax and just be me…or should that be: Just come out as Booby Fellatio?!

Aelph also managed, as I have mentioned before, to capture a snippet of Booby’s debut at the recent Shadow of the Tor Variety Evening and ‘The Amortal’ premiere, and this she has very cleverly added to the end of the video.

With a combination of visionary magic and the technical brilliance she uses in EdgewoodStudios, Aelph spliced it all together…

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