Three Wise Men and a Camel

Stevie Turner

This afternoon I am going to travel 25 miles to attend a concert.  Nobody famous will be on stage, but every person in the audience is going to be just as enthralled as if it were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle up there.  Yes, you’ve guessed it; it’s that time where our little darlings dress up in home-made costumes and prance about in their schools’ annual Christmas shows.  In my case, it’s my 5 year old grandson’s nativity play, where he gets to play a camel.

I was surprised when my daughter-in-law invited me to attend, as I thought all schools were too PC to stage a nativity play in these days of multi-culturalism.  My older granddaughters’ primary school had long ago eschewed the nativity scene for plays which have no relevance to Christmas at all.  I always enjoyed attending my sons’ school to watch their nativity play, and I…

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