Proofreding and Editing Rates (not mine; I don’t do that)

Dan Alatorre

danWe’re getting close to the announcement of the Word Weaver Writing Contest Winners, so I’m distracting you with this post.

And yes, I misspelled proofreading in the title on purpose.


You guys always ask me what stuff like editing costs, so I looked up a few editors’ rates. This is not unusual for editing, and a clean MS (manuscript) costs much less to edit.

Not that’s not a shameless plug for my Private Critique Group.

Check out these rates. You can decide for yourself if they’re worth it – oh, and by the way, this isn’t fixing your story so it’s a page turner, it’s mostly finding typos and missing commas and stuff. Maybe a little story doctoring but that’s not usually what regular editors excel at.

Person A


75,000 (300 pages) $405.00 – $675.00

100,000 (400 pages) $540.00 – $900.00

Person B


Dollars: $0.004 p/word (approx…

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