Feral Refrigerator Published by Longshot Island

Cathleen Townsend

LI-Logo-xsCalling all writers–seriously consider submitting your stories to the nice folks over at Longshot Island. I’m happy to announce that I had another tale published there, although it’s a bit of a departure from my typical light fantasy. I was working on writing something truly different, since the judge was focused on finding stories that were unique (you can read about that experience in my post Clichés Can Be Surprising).

I ended up with a story about a rogue refrigerator, which I figured couldn’t possibly be an overused trope. You can find the free read here: http://www.longshotisland.com/2017/08/08/feral-refrigerator/.

In other good news, since they’ve published me several times now, Daniel White offered to do a feature page on me in their catalog. My fragile writer’s ego is beaming. They want an author pic that’s an entirely different orientation from the portrait on my About Me page, so my husband…

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