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Crazy HouseCrazy House by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three Point Five Stars.

Crazy House is a young adult dystopia horror story. Twins Cassie and Rebecca (Becca) Greenfield live in an agricultural cell, under the umbrella of the ‘United’. They live on their smallholding alone; their mother was taken away for ‘mood-adjustment’ and never returned. Their father tried to take his own life and is slowly dying in a bed at Healthcare United.

We soon learn that Becca has disappeared, as have other children from the cell. Whilst desperately searching for her, Cassie is approached by Nate, who tells her of a rebel group the ‘Outsiders’. He opens her eyes to how controlling life in the cell is, and explains plans to expose the brainwashing regime of the ‘United’.

The dystopia genre is mostly set in challenging or bad places, often controlled by a totalitarian state and this…

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