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13 thoughts on “Which one do you use?

  1. I use Hootsuite. It can be quite slow if you have a lot of lists on it, but it’s great for checking all of your feeds at once and finding great content.

    I don’t automate tweets very often, but if that’s what your looking for, it will do that for you and can store lots of your own tweets. You will have to make them individual though as Hootsuite won’t send the same tweet multiple times. It will bounce back as a copy.

    Have you looked at SocialOomph too? It’s great for scheduling your own tweets in advance.

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  2. I don’t use either, my tweets are uploaded directly from each blog post, or reblog, using WordPress Publicize 🐵

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  3. I use Tweetdeck and like Chris, Story reading Ape my blog posts are scheduled through WordPress

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