Running a free book promotion

Lizzie Chantree

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This month I’m running a free book promotion on Amazon from the 24-28th March. Have have done this a few times before with very different success rates.

This time I have used a paid service that lists my book, Babe Driven, on 45+ sites. I have not tried this before, but as I’m currently writing my 5th book, I need to manage my time effectively. The only problem with these sites, is that they don’t list all of the sites they are submitting your book to, so you may cross over on some sites if you are listing others yourself. My strategy this time is to leave them to list my work on ‘free’ free listing sites, while I select a few paid options to decide between. I have tried BookBub before and although this is a paid option, I found it really worthwhile as my second book Love’s Child soared…

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