iAuthor . . . anyone?

iAuthor x 5


In my extensive travels as an author and would –be marketer/promoter, I come across many sites, all promising to help boost your career, get noticed, sell more books… blah, blah, blah.

One of those sites is iAuthor.

Right from the start, I had trouble. Because there are two of us, using the same PC, they couldn’t seem to grasp the idea that we wanted to have our own log in page. Not a difficult request, seeing as though we have our own email addresses. But no can do, apparently.

This got so confusing, I gave up trying to put my own books on there, leaving just Anita’s books. But it’s been over a year now and zilch. No sales or interest of any kind. Which could be my fault. Because it’s such a confusing site, I have never been able to figure out how to utilise it, or what to do to make it work better, something I find far too often on these sites. Why do they all assume that everyone knows what they’re doing? Or would they rather that idiots like me didn’t bother in the first place?

iAuthor screensave

A while ago, someone was talking about the benefits of a paid promotion on iAuthor. For just $14.95 your book is advertised on their site in a prominent position for seven days. So I thought, why not? I had been thinking about paid promotion, so this might be a good way to experiment, dip my toes in the water, so to speak.  I chose Anita’s book Scarlet Ribbons and booked it.


iAuthor x 2

As you can see from the screenshots, something did happen. Not that I can understand what. All I do know is that no one has bought a copy of Scarlet Ribbons in a while, so it’s back to the drawing board.

We would welcome any advice on this subject, as my brain cells are dying off at an alarming rate, despite the liberal use of a cattle prod!


Let it Go x3

At the risk of being branded a nag, I’m going to ask for more nominations for Anita’s book on KindleScout. If anyone hasn’t done it yet, please click on the link. Anita is really pleased with the response so far, as am I.     http://amzn.to/29RWt0t

4 thoughts on “iAuthor . . . anyone?

  1. This is all personal preference I guess. I would never pay anyone directly to advertise anything to do with my work. Call me gloomy old Mr Cynical but I think these guys exist to make money with flashy sites which make all sorts of claims and promises. That spike on the graph is probably their bank balance. I am not helping am I.
    Have a good week. Kris.

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