The Royal Wedding





I raced through my work that morning so I could sit down and watch the long awaited royal wedding.

Megan and Harry had a lovely day for it, the sun beamed down on all the people, the bright colours of all the fine dresses and flowers simply breath-taking.

The amount of celebrities attending the event was amazing, an absolute Who’s Who of show business. I could list all the ones I spotted but the list would be too long. It made a change to see no politicians amongst them though!

But everything was not so lovely where I was. Roadworks right outside our window competed with the sound control of the TV, doing its level best to spoil what promised to be a lovely, special day. Our TV is right next to the window and most of the morning it was like having a split screen, wedding on one side, men, and noisy machines on the other. But before long, I forgot about the machines and the noise, and enjoyed the wedding of the year.

At one point, due to the amount of people there, I was expecting a battle of the bonnets, as there didn’t seem to be enough room for all those glorious hats!

Everyone was looking forward to seeing the bride and her dress. Something I always look forward to as I used to make wedding dresses. This was one of my favourite jobs, helping to make so many different women’s dreams come true.

I remembered one young woman who had just been badly let down when a wedding dress company went bust. She turned up at my door, barely holding back the tears. The wedding was only a week away and she hoped I could do something. Now, I have been known to achieve the impossible at very short notice, but miracles usually take a little longer than a week!

I pulled out all the stops, called in a few favours and did manage to pull something out of the hat. I ended up being invited to the wedding!

While I waited for the bride to appear, I couldn’t help thinking back to the dress I created with the help of a wing and a prayer, and the look on the woman’s face when she saw it.

When you get to my age, it seems that everything reminds you of something else, and I am constantly surprised by something I had long forgotten about.

It was a beautiful wedding, and the love came through the TV and made my day rather special too…