Lost In Amberland

I decided. I got on a bus, and I changed my life. It made little sense to most, but for me, it was clear. I had already spent years, lost, just waiting for the moment to find my home.

My home wasn’t a building or even a town. It was one person. The one constant in my ever changing reality. I wasn’t nervous, as I stepped on that bus. I only felt a heart full of love.

That bus ride was a decade ago. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Love is funny that way,it makes time stop. Somehow it simultaneouslymakesit go at warp speed.

I look into hisblue eyes, and I’m living that day, again. True love isn’t bound by time. It’s a spark between two souls. Once ignited, it’s amagicalflame that transcends our universe.

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