Some Kind of Progress…

Some Kind of Progress…

Now the weather was warming up, I needed to make a plan to get outside and do some work. I felt more than a little guilty leaving my desk for the great outdoors, but I had made a list of all the jobs I wanted to do this coming week, indoors and out, so no excuses. I had scheduled, tweaked, and sorted everything into neat little time slots, so barring divine interruption, nothing will be neglected.

And who knows, maybe a few miracles will occur along the way. Well, a girl can hope, can’t she?

I am not expecting any of it to be easy, as I am definitely feeling my age this year, and every muscle in my body has learned how to scream! I haven’t had the chest X-ray yet, so still puffing around like an ancient steam train. You know, the one who wished he could…

If I am honest, I would prefer to sit quietly in my office and write. Hey ho.

It was lovely to be outside at last, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. So that’s what it smells like!

My first job was my rapidly awakening bonsai, most of which are sprouting almost as I watched. I cleared their pots of dead leaves and weeds, and checked the soil, making mental notes as to which ones need repotting. Then I washed the shelves they sit on and swept the yard.

Then I moved to what I call the nursery area. This is where my fledgling bonsai live, along with cuttings and seedlings, and I do all the messy jobs.

I didn’t find any casualties this year, which was surprising, considering the terrible winter weather. My poor old azalea is finally blooming, and that was wonderful to see.

I wanted to plant up the dahlia tubers, but by the time I rooted out suitable pots and the right soil mix, I was flagging a little, and I hadn’t even looked at the garden yet. When I did take a look, the first job was immediately apparent. The grass had grown seemingly overnight and was approaching the difficult length for my mower to cope with.

This is when most of my plans went AWOL.

Torrential rain arrived and lasted all the next day. So much for being determined!

17 thoughts on “Some Kind of Progress…

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  2. Lucky you to have no casualties. Our Hebe has succumbed. On Monday my husband cut it right back. My daughter had Hebes growing by the side of her garage and they have all died, too. They evidently didn’t like that very cold spell we had.
    I cut our lawn on Monday, but it’s grown again already!

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