Holding On

Through The Coloured Glass

There is a space between the ribs. It is called emptiness.
As hollow as it may seem, it is heavy. I carry it well on the outside but inside the pain is unbearable. I smile, I laugh, I push myself to smile till every muscle of my body tears apart. I may be the happiest depressed person tonight.

The day seems to pass by but as the evening sets in, melancholy fluids of nothingness fill to the brim of eyelashes.
Holding the storm inside is heavy on the heart. It aches…

It feels like the music that once tickled your soul into smiling and now you can’t bear to hear a single chord. The pain is unbearable as the heart shrinks trying to squeeze out feelings that cling to the soul.

But they are woven with undying words high on spirits that once held truth. Now cascaded in lies compelled…

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