If I close my eyes, will I still hear the silent cries; the solemn goodbyes. The solitary door through which I was pushed, callously cajoled and heartlessly hushed, led to so much confusion, too many decisions, a reign of despair and draining derision. So many choices, so many voices… Left or right, to run or fight? Laugh or cry, to live or die? And all I can release is a soft, silent sigh. There’s a place, deep inside where I cautiously hide from the woes of this wearisome world. So many dark, concealed nights amidst many familiar fights have I laid, quietly curled… …safe. And when I close my care-worn eyes, the soothing voices and gentle sighs ease the tension, the tears, the lies. A welcome release and warm relief from the pains of a people torn apart. A people sadly no longer warmed by the love of a tender…

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