An accidental ‘tribute to Hokusai’

Sun in Gemini

I was lucky with this one…

We’d stopped the car to buy some eggs from our local farm. I spotted the tree and its supporting mound, and noticed the exceptionally clear light in which it was bathed.

Snap first, seek explanations later…

The months of October and November have the Potential to give us morning brightness and high contrast. The tree in the above shot had benefited from both, as had the contours of the mound on which it stood.

I decided to render it in black and white, with a mild ‘smoothing’ treatment.

When I stared at it, later, I was drawn by something in the curls and curves and sparkles. The word ‘Hokusai’ came to mind.

Hokusai is one of Japan’s most famous artists, and was responsible for the well-known work ‘The Great Wave’.

Above: The Great Wave by Hokusai. Source Wikipedia

I had not set out to…

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