Strange Light in the Sky…


“You have to come and have a look at this weird light, Jaye. It’s just not moving…”

Anita was outside; looking at the full moon and all the local firework displays but something else must have captured her attention.

I tore myself away from the comfort of the couch and stumbled through the front door. Not that I was expecting to see anything even remotely interesting, as my eyesight was playing possum these days, but I had been summoned.

Squinting like Mr Magoo, I could just make out a tiny red light, several inches above the horizon in the direction she was pointing. I stared at it for several minutes, and Anita was right. It wasn’t moving at all!

The light changed to green for a while, before reverting to red, but it didn’t move.

The local firework display was thundering away, just up the hill from where we were standing. Constant deafening volleys of noise, echoing around the surrounding hills accompanied the multicoloured streaks and stars as local families joined in with their own efforts.

It suddenly struck me as funny, that here we were, ignoring all the majesty of the fireworks, concentrating on one small red light.

We both stared at it, wondering what the hell it could be. Sometimes planes can seem to be stationary, depending on their direction, but not for this length of time. It could be a helicopter, hovering over a trouble spot; we seem to get a lot of them here.

As we watched, it suddenly dropped down in a straight line, and then stopped again. It waited, then went back up.

I’m sure we were both thinking of aliens by then, that we could be witnessing an alien craft, but what were the chances?

Did it have anything to do with Bonfire Night?


We were determined to watch it all night if necessary, but eventually, it dropped out of sight, leaving us puzzled and more than a little curious, and the full moon smiled down at it all, like a benevolent old gentleman as we went back indoors…


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