Fandango’s Story Starter #FSS

Fandango’s Story Starter #18

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

This week’s Story Starter teaser is:

When I first moved here a few months back, I couldn’t believe that…

…the vicar couldn’t be trusted, according to the network of gossip with the womenfolk. That the butcher will short change you and the pub landlord waters down his booze.

That if there is nothing to gossip about, they will make it up.

It seems we need to watch our backs.

The curtains twitch whenever I leave the house. I feel their eyes on me, fishing for something to gossip about. My wife and I have turned it into a game, letting out small morsels of information, to see how large the return. By the time it has gone around the village like Chinese whispers, it is too large to contain.

We decided to move, leave a letter for the new tenants. If they like gossip, they’re well in. What happens when there is nothing left to gossip about?

They wait until someone dies and someone new moves in…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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