You Couldn’t Make it Up!

I think I may have unearthed the reason I am having so much trouble doing anything this week. The week started with a hell of a noise in our road, culminating right outside our door. The local water board were fitting water meters or something all along our road, and we had several workmen, looking at the hole they had just made, looking at each other then back at the hole.  We wondered what the problem was for they seemed to have successfully finished several of our neighbours installations, but ours was obviously a problem of some sort.
After much head scratching and worried expressions ( reminding me of one of those comedy sketches) they all went away, leaving us none the wiser.

To cut a long drawn out story short, some idiot had tried to chop their way through a gas pipe, so we were subjected to more workmen (gas board this time) doing the same head scratching, worried look routine as they tried to figure out what to do about it. Finally, the problem was sorted, pipe was replaced, and hole partially filled in. But not with what came out of it… what did that mean?

We did wonder why they hadn’t finished filling in the hole, but we weren’t prepared for the next turn of events. It began to unravel like one of those Monty Python routines.
Two men came and put some of the dirt back, an hour later two different men used an angle grinder to make the hole in the pavement nice and square. Then they finished filling the hole.
Oh good, we thought, nearly finished.

Not a bit of it.

Nothing else happened that day, and we supposed they might have forgotten all about it.

Two days later a huge lorry turned up and proceeded to tarmac the hole with much song and dance. This job needed three workmen. I might point out that said hole was all of 15 inches square!
We were in stitches wondering how long we would have to put up with all the barriers that were beginning to look like a fixture, if the weeks activities were anything to go by!

Another day passed and first thing the next morning a van arrived (was it my imagination, or did the driver look a bit sheepish?) and took all the barriers away and the saga of the hole was finally over.
It only took nine workmen and 4 days…

You couldn’t make it up, could you? And if you did, would anyone believe you?

And despite the comedy/drama unfolding right outside our door, I managed to do quite a lot of writing all by myself. And I didn’t need nine workmen, just 4 days! How about that!

© Jaye Marie 2021

18 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Make it Up!

  1. We have been living in the middle of a construction zone since the lockdown started in 2020. First, they did new gas lines. Then, they replaced the sewer pipes. Now, they have shut down a bridge on a two-lane highway. Guess where they rerouted the traffic. You got it. Right down the middle of our street.

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