Is there a National Dreadful Day?

Two on a Rant

If there is, September 21 is a good candidate.

I feel a lot like a cat dressed as a pizza slice.

10 Times Your Cat Was Totally Over You | Cuteness I can relate to this cat’s indignation.

I logged into the computer I use where I work, started to retrieve files from the server it’s linked to, and the connection to the server dropped. 

For my second attempt, I was met with red X ‘s.

Yes, the moment I needed to use it, the server went down.

Today, my paycheck was given to me, and I did what I usually do, I scanned the back and front, then went to the bank site to make a deposit.  

Where was the deposit@home link? 

Apparently I’m not the only one wondering what kind of back@$$ward H3ll had just happened.  When I went into “CHAT” the robo-guard — virtually standing between me and a live person with a brain — had…

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