Dead of Winter ~ Journey 9 ~ Doors of Attunement #Fantasy @teagangeneviene

In this ninth installment Emlyn, Osabide, and Fotia (in Zasha’s body) traveled to a third world, so little known that it is only called the Other Realm. They hope to restore Zasha. Will Fotia willingly relinquish her new life in a young body? There the trio meet unpredictable, but vastly powerful beings known as the Listeners. One of them is a new enemy. Another might be friend or foe. Either way, he is dangerous.
Arawn has grown stronger. An army of the dead gathers near the Lost Library. Hallgeir faces one of the biggest decisions of his life.
Journey with our travelers. Adventure awaits.

Our Thoughts

In the Other Realm, Emlyn and her friends are faced with three doors, all very different, but none inviting. It would seem they must choose one, but should they be opened? Taking an enormous risk, they choose to open the second door and meet a strange creature who warns them of the risks they face. But is he telling the truth?

So many questions in this journey, so many dangerous decisions to make. Emlyn begins to lead the way, her newfound confidence and trust in her own instincts shining like a beacon.

I loved the part when Emlyn is drawn to the mysterious staircase. Something compels her to climb the crumbling steps that seem to lead nowhere and discovers more about this world and her powers.

Was she right to trust her instincts, or is she being beguiled by Arawn?

With each journey, this story gets more and more delightfully complicated. I take my hat off to the author’s incredible imagination for creating this amazing world!

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