Go: One Woman. One Van. A New Beginning by Stacy Fisher #TuesdayBookBlog #Travel #BookReview #PersonalTransformation

Shelley Wilson Author

Title: Go: One Woman. One Van. A New Beginning

Author: Stacy Fisher

Category: Self-Help

Rating: 5 Star

Book Blurb:

When it became clear that my marriage was ending, I felt directionless. In hopes of simplifying my life, I bought a Sprinter van, pared down my possessions to only what would fit inside it, and set out on a spontaneous drive across the country.

My 43-day adventure led me through 20 states, spanned more than 10,000 miles, and gave me the space to reimagine my future. But more than anything, it helped me recover my independence. The experience also taught me that sometimes the process of letting go is more about holding onto the things you love most.

Travel is good medicine. During that cross-country trip, I grieved, I wrestled with forgiveness, and I slowly reclaimed my sense of personal sovereignty. While on the road, I…

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