You-niversal Love

Peacock Poetry

Being ourselves is the best thing we can do most of the time. We are never going to be e everybody’s cup of tea of course yet when we stay true to who we are we create clarity and genuine affection. The note that we accept who we are, the more others can do the same. And what a relief that is!

Personal Taste

You cannot ever please them all

Not here to win approval

To be yourself’s the only call

Here’s to fake smiles removal

Waste not your time if they don’t get

your energy and calling

They don’t deserve you so don’t let

their judgment send you falling

It takes some spine when your define

yourself by your own vision

Yet when you’re in a place aligned

There’s magic spark collision

Be all you are and have the gall

Uniquely your own flavour

You cannot ever please them…

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