Teachers called Butterflies

Sun in Gemini

(Above: Death of one world; birth of another. A beautiful Monarch butterfly emerges from the shrivelled husk of its cocoon. Image Pixabay)

The idea of life after death is a familiar notion. Nothing illustrates the inner and outer principles of this as well as the birth of a butterfly…

We’ve all seen it and marvelled. In the rays of the sun, the most exquisite creature emerges from the shrivelled husk of its cocoon, flexes and dries its wings in the warming rays, then changes the place where it lives… flying away, free, into the air.

It’s a familiar miracle, mainly discussed by children in the process of learning about the world of nature. Seldom by adults… which is strange, since it contains one of the best living examples of the transformation of the inner life.

The life cycle of a butterfly comprises four stages: egg; larva (caterpillar); pupa (chrsalis), and…

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