Wanton Whimsy: Find me!

Sun in Gemini

He had lost count of the number of years they had been doing this…

The envelope, marked with a promo sticker from a fictitious low-budget garden show, had arrived a month ago. It contained exactly seven clues. And then the words ‘Dress to Kill’.

The rules were simple. Dinner would be served in the most unlikely location, chosen by the person whose turn it was…

The game had started decades before, when both were students at a polytechnic in the Midlands, struggling with funds that would not allow both rent and food. One evening, over a long drawn-out beer, they had vowed that, if they made it through their degrees without starving to death, they would meet annually, on the day of their graduation, to celebrate their survival… and, hopefully, prosperity.

He staggered along the canal towpath. The tuxedo was dripping with sweat; probably the worst thing he could have…

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