A Little Seed Crying At My Door

Frank Solanki

It was many a nights ago
When the clock was hitting four
When I heard a feeble sound
Like someone crying at my door

In my haste I got up or so
Dropping my work right on the floor
Just to see what was going on
Just who was crying at my door

When I opened it I saw
Something I had never seen before
A shocking sight greeted my eyes
A little seed crying at my door

Before I could utter a word
Before I could even implore
It said, “Will you be kind enough to help
A little seed crying at your door?

“All I need is a small favour
It is not much what I ask for
I’ve been pleading but nobody’s helped
A little seed crying at their door

“I know how big I can grow
But today I’m a seed and nothing more
Kill me…

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