The music of the Forests

tales told different

At the threshold of imagination
My febrile spirit shudders
Caught in a sickness of wonder
For all that the mind can dream,
Is but a ghost of what nature has birthed.

Winter in Japan

What is there to know of harmony,
That the hidden vales of the far East do not
Where the hanging forests drape hills in verdant glee
And geysers steam the pools in winter’s pot

Aokigahara forest in Northwest Japan.
In the shadow of Mt Fuji.

A home for ailing spirits
Closer to the Veil

Where else can I better learn of mystery
Than the creeping vines of Asian mangroves
Their watchful knowledge and secret legacy
Root, branch and leaf; All with a different story

Sundarban forest in India.

Sundarban mangroves
Light finds rest in your shadows
Unjudged and reborn

If I sought to find the virtues of grace
I’d look no further than…

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