Eating Dinosaurs

The Silent Eye

"The name is Pond, James Pond.." “The name is Pond, James Pond..”

“Well it has your dinosaurs in.”

“What?” My son lounged on the bed looking perplexed. We were talking about yoghurts.


“Oh yeah. Well what’s yours then?”


“Not the same beastie then.”

We had established some time ago that his particular strain of yoghurt based bacteria sounded like a dinosaur, whereas the stuff I have been eating thrice daily on my doctor’s recommendation has a less interesting name. Still, I was not about to refuse home-made mango yoghurt. Even if he was bribing me with it in exchange for socks.

“Still, ‘eating dinosaurs’… not a bad title for a blog. I could illustrate it with a random duck.”

A pond girl? Pond girl?

“Everything is a good title for a blog these days! Why a duck?”

“Why not? Birds are the closest thing to dinosaurs we have. I have to at least try and get…

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