Winter walks with camera (10) flowing water

Sun in Gemini

Winter landscapes involving water are plentiful, but water can be a tricky subject to photograph. The eye is much more subtle than a camera lens, and we have to help the camera overcome this…

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(Above: contrast and colour have been adjusted to maximise the balance between the bright sun through the trees and the darker far shore of the cold river)

Watery landscapes can look pale and ‘flat’ if you let the standard camera settings take charge. The lens is doing what it’s supposed to, but our eye takes in more than is being photographed. A good way around this is to take the shot, then use the built-in editing suite to increase the contrast of the subject, then the richness of the colours. Finally, use the saturation control to reduce the ‘overcooked’ shot to the level of colouration you want. Many photographers have their…

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