Nowhere else to love. A ballad

tales told different

To some, our story may seem tragic.
But to others, just maybe; we might have found our happy ending.

I recall a time the world was against us
When Nana forbade
And the elders condemned
When we had but one choice
For our hearts,
Could never conform.

Two souls in love,
Who fled to seek,
‘Together forever’

Love shines brightest in the dark
To this, we grieve and cry
Lost but together, cold but not alone
Hand in hand, Mary and I

The night we broke the weeping forest lines
A house most queer, loomed into view
It creaked of mystery and groaned with secrets
But gloomed out darkness, and warnings we would rue

Alas a rain, most wicked and bitter
Drove us gasping, for that lonely haunted refuge
Hand in hand, Mary and I
Into the eerie, out of that deluge

Inside, shadows spied and corners sighed
But alone…

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