tales told different

Travelling Seashells
Parcels of divine blessing
Ocean’s love letters

The ocean sings of memory
Cleansing the conscience
Caressing shores with hyacinth kisses
A bouquet of longing
Resplendent with reflections of the stars
I am here, its waves seem to roar
I will always be, the currents whisper
And your soul listens
Yet the mind stays numb

The forest hears tales carried upon the wind
Of waters unexplored
And it dreads its prodigal lover
For in its heart, grows the history of this world.
Its iridescent leaves rustle songs of invitation
Calling man who once herded the ancient woods
The two thriving together
But the watching branches creak warnings of caution
For lovers change when ambitions change
And man now seeks dominion

Lush ancient jungles
Your sacred beauty withers
Taken for granted

Otzarreta forest.

The heavens cascade their sorrow
And the sun scorches down in anger
Weeping and wailing

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