#The Sunday Whirl ~ #Wordle 485 # #Poetry

Wordle 485

If I could turn back time
I would say sorry to Father Thomas
For missing Mass too many times
I wouldn’t skip school
Sit on a train all day, daydreaming
I would slip back into the familiar way
Of things the world demands
There’s one thing wrong with that
It’s too plain
I need a showstopper in my life
I will rise above this sticky earthy scene
I will find that special spice of life
My place in the world
My name whispered in the wind
Would echo in every household
It’s my plan to be known worldwide…

© anita dawes 2020

4 thoughts on “#The Sunday Whirl ~ #Wordle 485 # #Poetry

  1. The narrator has it right, the things “the world demands” may be familiar, and some might not feel they are boring, but others do. I don’t advocate for skipping school though!

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