Six on Saturday; ah Honey Honey

Rambling in the Garden

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl

There is a heady fragrance in the garden today, accentuated by the gentle breeze that has taken the edge off the heat. Often the fragrance catches you unawares, and it can take a few moments to work out what is responsible. Much of it comes from the roses, which are glorious this year, but honeysuckle of various varieties is aiding and abetting the intoxication. There is native honeysuckle in the hedge but this is not flowering yet; however, when it does, it captivates your olfactory organs the moment you exit the back door, especially in the evening when the scent is at its heaviest. Our neighbour on the other side also planted a pair of honeysuckle over an arch a year ago and this has recently thrown me on my rambles, as I am not used to seeing or sensing plant…

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