letter-c Day 9


Yesterday, when I shared my progress on my shawl on Facebook, I was reminded of an Irish custom to leave a mistake so my soul could escape if needed. I hadn’t heard that applied in crochet but I had in quilting. Nothing to worry about when it comes to my crocheting, I have never crocheted anything without at least one dropped stitch somewhere. Perfection, isn’t my normal. Subconsciously, I believe I’m a born objector in an ordinary world.

Dinner, last night came out exceptional. I tried a recipe shared by Crafty Morning. Three ingredients to make Orange Chicken. I’m not fond of dark meat so I don’t typically order this at Chinese restaurants but I have sampled the sauce when friends have ordered it. I realize restaurants use dark meat because of the lower cost overhead but I prefer the drier texture of white meat. In preparing the recipe, I…

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