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It’s the crowding that makes these epidemics appear more often now than they did in the past. The (it wasn’t) Spanish flu built its power in the trenches of World War One.  Since then, the world’s population has exploded. We are a crowded planet. I sometimes wonder if these plagues aren’t Earth’s objection to our abuse. After 50 million people died from the flu, the world was different than it had been before. How could it not be? An entire generation of men was gone. And by the time they reappeared, there was another war to fight.

There were a lot more people on the planet until the Black Plague killed off a lot more than half of them. After the plague receded, the world was a new place. Society was different.

I’m pretty sure that most people think that after this siege, things will go back to “the way…

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  1. I really think most people think this will end and we’ll all just go back to our “old jobs.” Except that for many people, there won’t be jobs to go back to. Many people who are working at home will keep working at home. When we see how much we’ve cleaned the air by NOT driving, I think suddenly they may realize we CAN fix the world. Because that’s what we need to do next. Fix the world.

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