16 Things You Can Do While Being Stuck At Home

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Maybe you’re with your family. Maybe you’re with your kids. Maybe you’re on your own. Wherever you are, boredom or a sense of wasted time doesn’t have to shadow your movements. Amidst the chaos and the uncertainty, this is an opportunity to quiet down and look into yourself. Or have a blast of a time doing what you love.


Look out the window at the movement of the clouds or the waving branches of a tree. Breathe in and out. Everything comes and goes in this life—it’s something that the wind, the clouds, the leaves remind us over and over again.


Challenge yourself to do nothing at all for at least half an hour. Just sit still in a quiet place. Notice your body’s reaction to your willful inactivity, first the resistance, the need to do something (the monkey mind), and then slow release of the tension that…

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