Social distancing

Across the Land

I’m no scientist. Social distancing makes sense to this layman.

Mom and I haven’t had visitors in her house in several days. We have been outside to walk, get mail and walk the dog.

We speak a few times a day about the best practices we hear and read about, with hopes that it has an affect on us.

Mom hasn’t been near anyone but me in a long time. She is 91 years old.

My trips out are carefully planned to reduce exposure and they are infrequent.

We do not allow this virus to paralyze us. We continue on with our exercise, we put puzzles together, watch Netflix and walk the dog. In fact, a few miles have been traveled inside, walking a path through the different rooms.

I jog in the street in front of mom’s house and never come within 15 feet of anyone. On occasion, I…

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