Sniff, snuffle and sneeze


What a night!
It’s going to be very quiet in the house today because I’ve lost my voice.
Seems I’ve picked up a cold from somewhere so dosing myself up with cold remedies, having mouth to mouth with a toilet roll, sniffing vapour rub and having a hands on affair with the antibacterial sanitizer.
I’ve had an intermittent cough for a while which I did get checked out by the HHA (Head Honcho Ass who was the only GP available at the time). He wanted to put me on steroids and ibuprofen based painkillers for my back as I was suffering with that too even though ibuprofen affects my kidneys (had he read my notes). I was sent for an X-ray and my chest and lungs were clear. Knowing myself pretty well, a change of temperature was likely to cause me to cough, which was just an annoying tickle in…

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