Rainbow in my pocket


It’s been a stormy day. The skies have opened twice with torrential downpours, but for the most part it has been continuous showers or drizzle with one sunny spell which lasted about half an hour.
Maggie has not been very popular wanting to go out at its wettest, and with me not 100%, poor Hubby has had to don the yellows and have an impromptu soaking.
The bottom of the garden is under two inches of water and the rest of our back lawn is waterlogged, but surprisingly, it’s not been that cold as it’s the wind’s chill that sends temperatures plummeting.

About an hour or so ago, the sky changed colour and I knew what that meant.
The rainbows here have been gloriously bright, and mostly doubles. Today was no exception, and whilst I had no intention of going outside with the camera, I took these through the…

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