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Jo Hawk


Happy Chinese New Year. Also known as the Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year, the festivities begin January 25th and conclude February 8th. Have you slipped with your good intentions, or maybe you haven’t even started your resolutions? Perhaps this is your opportunity to set aside the past and embrace your new moon lunar restart.

2020 is the year of the rat, the first animal of the calendar cycle. A myth recounts the legend of the Jade Emperor issuing a party invitation. He declared he would decide the animals’ placement in the zodiac, based on their order of arrival. The Rat asked his friend the Ox for a ride. As they reached the Emperor’s palace, the Rat jumped from the Ox’s back and entered ahead of him. Can we all take a page from the Rat’s story and get a jump on our goals?

There are taboos we should consider…

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