The saga of Auldwick with Cowperthwaite village hall Part six. The Indiana Jones experience.

Jim Webster

Part 6 The Indiana Jones experience.

One of the questions the nice lady from ACTion with Communities in Cumbria had asked me was, “What is the charity status of your village hall?” In the face of my incomprehension she’d asked the follow-up question, “What does your constitution say.”
I was forced to confess that I had never actually seen the constitution, and to the best of my knowledge nobody had ever mentioned sending the accounts of our village hall to anybody. In fact I’ve always felt that the treasurer at a committee meeting is a bit like the corpse at a funeral. Everybody expects them to be present, but if they start speaking, people get distinctly nervous. Still, Wendy, our treasurer, had long mastered the art of appearing quietly competent. So I thought that it might be an idea to sound her out about our charity status.

Given it was a fine morning and I had…

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