Forgotten, but not lost


Hubby had a problem with his computer yesterday and did some housekeeping.
I thought I ought to do the same so asked for his help in defragging my machine (everywhere was red apparently) and then set to in sorting out my files, downloads etc to see what I could delete or archive elsewhere.

I came across a couple of poems I’d put on the back burner and forgotten.
The first is an abecedarian poem and the second just as it came to me.

This picture was taken on Christmas Day 2018.

Another day:
Beautiful and
Expectations now
Jostling inside:
Loneliness, yet
Mellow in the sun
No-one to explain
Open waters
Pulsating as the tide:
Questioning why,
Reasons illogical and cruel.
Shimmering tears
Unchecked fall in
Violent torrents,
Waning and finally
Yielding to
Zenith and peace.

This was the second and the image…

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