The saga of Auldwick with Cowperthwaite village hall. Part four, The public meeting!

Jim Webster

Part 4 The public meeting!

Of course it had to be a wet night. I assumed that would mean we had fewer people. But obviously I had underestimated my fellow citizens. Driven by a sense of public duty, (or lured by carrot cake, but in all candour I was in no position to be judgemental) our meeting was attended by perhaps a score of people, as well as the Hall committee. We had set the hall up carefully, giving due consideration to health and safety. I had decided against having the committee sit together on the top table facing the assembled villagers. That sort of thing can easily lead to confrontation, with a defensive committee circling the wagons and defying all-comers from the safety of their redoubt. I would sit alone with somebody to take notes of the meeting. Everybody else would sit in chairs placed around the wall. I’d fenced the middle section of…

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