love in the face of fear (scary poetry) haibun

tales told different

how had it come to thislying here in the bowels of this dilapidated houselistening to the eerie song of wind- whistling through its rotting cracksthe moans and creeks of its desiccated wooden wallsthe scratch and screech of thorned bracken- as it claws desperately from the outsidethe floorboards above groan- under the weight of our oncoming doomShe grips my hand and squeezespassing on fears and regrets tinged in desperationand something else...

late night solitudewith fear flavored in desirehands seeking embrace

Guttural sniffs sting the suspended silencethe abomination searchesit does not know we are hereslowly i draw her into my arms- and she nestles helplessly in my chestwe stay quiet- and dispatch silent prayers to all gods and deitiesthe clawsteps begin recedingit feels like the creature is retreatingThere's nothing but her heartbeat entangling within mine

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