Plastic Surgery: A Halloween Special


I have never really been a fan of surgical alteration to the bodies we were born with, unless it is for genuine medical reasons, or to remove something unsightly. Years ago, it was suggested to me that I have the bags under my eyes surgically removed, as they are supposedly ‘horrible’. But I would sooner put up with them than face going under the knife around my eyes. Who knows what complications might arise?

In recent times, many women have taken the advantage of having their breasts enlarged, and even their bums made curvier. Men have had pectoral muscles enhanced, and some even endured the treatment for penis extensions. And both sexes have also had face-lifts. That’s up to them of course. It’s their body, their money, and if it makes them feel better, then I suppose that’s a good thing. Just not for me.

But the next time you…

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