But did it sell?

Tallis Steelyard

But did it sell

I confess that I perhaps didn’t take Tedan Millthrop as seriously as I should have. He claimed to be a poet, which is fair enough. After all, all sorts of people claim to be poets. Between ourselves I feel the bar is set a little low. It seems that anybody capable of writing, and is too embarrassed to admit that they are both unemployable and have no useful trade or craft, can claim to be a poet. Alas that some of them do.
Now when I look around at the poets of Port Naain, it has to be acknowledged that I see them falling into four distinct groups. Ignore for a moment their level of ability, (because frankly it seems to have little bearing on success) the groups are as follows.
There are those who, like me, manage to make a living from our art. It is not what one…

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