It’s a Go!


Pre Op assessment done and dusted within 2 hours.
The staff couldn’t have been nicer, and I left the nurses who took my blood (after finally locating a vein that didn’t run for cover) with a smile and a warm glow as they’d asked to partake in my energy. Hugs all round then.
My weight, height and BMI are all exactly as I told them so that’s all good, and my heart and lungs are fine, though my blood pressure is up a little. This is not surprising as I stopped taking the garlic oil capsule every day as suggested and my anxiety level is a ‘bit up’.
As my medical notes are in Lincolnshire and Cheltenham is in a different county, they can’t access them. Not that there’d be very much in them anyway as the last time I went was to have my diabetes check on May 1st…

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